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Look closely at the hood hinges, specifically the bolts to the hood, and the ones to the body.

More than likely, the force of the hood lifting may have moved the hinges out of alignment just enough to prevent it from shutting perfectly.

If your hinges have never been removed or tweaked in any way, then you should see nothing but body-color paint surrounding each bolt. If you see bare metal, then the hinge(s) have shifted by just that much, because the bare metal would reside directly under each bolt.

If this is the case, you can carefully loosen the bolt(s) and gently align the hinge(s) to the original position, then retighten the bolt(s). You will need a second set of hands to do this since the hood is large and heavy...much too much for precision alignment.

If you can't tell what is amiss, then try as best to close the hood gently, and note the seam between the hood and the surrounding fender panels. If you follow the seam from front of hood to back and notice the seam width tapering narrower or wider, that is an indication of one or both of the hinges being out of alignment.

If the hood closes and there is a noticeable fit problem where the hood meets the windshield, then the hood and/or hinges is sprung. The MB hinges are pretty robust, so it's unlikely that they are damaged, but there isn't much you can do about the hood short of replacement.

Nevertheless, you can tweak the hinges and the front hood stops until the fit and closure of the hood is suitable.
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