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Daniel Pawlata
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Unhappy Strange noise and more, please help!

Need some hints on resolving few problems with my 1988 300 ce 124W.

First: When accelerating from zero there is grinding noise coming from the rear of the car for a second or so. All I can think of is rear wheel bearings or differential gears are going bad.

Second: For about two months I've been having problem with my cars performance. Especially when coming to stop, cars rpm's going under 500 and then fluctuate up and down. When accelerate the engine almost dies, it sounds like its choking. Always have to remember to accelerate very slowly, other wise the engine may die out on me.

Third: While driving for a while, the car starts acting very strangely. When driving steady for example 40mph but steady the car starts slowing down but the RPM’s and gas pedal remains in the same position. Pressing the gas pedal causes the car to slow down even more with RPM’s going up. To continue driving I have to release the gas pedal and depress it again. When ever this happens, I have to release the gas pedal and depress it again to be able to continue driving. Of course Mercedes dealer told me that first they have to replace all injectors for $650 and then we’ll see. Somebody else told me that there could be some kind of a fuel delivery problem. I have no idea where to start. Is cleaning fuel injectors system good idea, or it is worthless. Please help?
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