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I just don't know when to give up.....

Three more hours of "going round in circles" on this thing and here's what I found. When you move or "tap" the controller, the engine purrs, so it MUST be the controller, even thugh I've already replaced that! I touch the fuel pump relay and the engine dies. Must be the fuel pump relay then. Start the car again and touch the wire harness to the Klima and it dies. Must be that then. Tug on the wiring harness to the fusebox. It quits again. Now I'm getting somewhere. Remove fusebox and tighten all connections to the fuses and relays. Runs for ten minutes and dies. Go back to controller(CIS-E) and tap it. Car runs perfectly for 10 minutes then dies. What fun. Where do you get those whips that Moslems beat themselves with?? I'd be better off doing that!!
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