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Hold that thought; Steve!!

While 265 miles is a deterrent, it is certainly not preventative. Remember I still have the issue of the reman transmission that starts in third gear, so I would be reluctant to drive that far even though it seems to work fine in third and fourth. The alternative would be to tow it. I'll have to make arrangements for that.

Last night I thought I was so close and I believe there is more than one issue with this car. Gently moving a fuel pump relay or an OVP or control unit should not kill an engine. I have noticed before that vibration plays a role in "problem".
On cool mornings, temps below 70 degrees F, it would start fine and run good. After 15 minutes at highway speed there is a section of highway that has been "ground" with the little trenches in it. Every morning when I hit that section the check engine light would come on. But what baffles me is that it doesn't always run badly with the light on and sometimes it will stall with the light out. It stands to reason in my mind that if the movement of a wire or component causes symptons of a malfunction, then there is a loss of continuity in that circuit. Visual inspection reveals obvious problems but you can't "see" inside a relay. I am convinced of shortage though. Either OVP ( I have the original and the upgrade) I install gets hot very quickly and the car performs the same with either. Removing the OVP fuse apparently creates open loop and clears the rough idle/stall.
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