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You MUST go to the source of the vibration. Non rotating parts such as a loose linkage, slack in steering etc. are not vibration sources, they are vibration transmitters/aggravators. If you have a rotating assembly that is vibrating for whatever reason, shocks, linkage, steering boxes, columns, etc. will worsen the vibration because this looseness allows the rotating part to have impact against these loose parts as it bangs back and forth.

You are moving in the right direction. I will bet a dollar to a hole in a donut that the SOURCE of the vibration is tire balance. For this you usually don't need the sophistication of the 9700. Any good computer balancer in proper working order is capable of adequately balancing your wheels. The key is that you MUST use balance weights on two planes, inboard and outboard. It is very common for the tire stores to NOT use a weight on the outer plane because some customers complain about scratching their aluminum or alloy wheels.

Where the 9700 comes into play is when there is a tire with excessive road force variation (stiff spot.) The 9700 has a pressure roller that loads the tire while it rolls and measures the road force. It can resolve where to rotate a marginal tire on the rim in order to minimize the effect of the stiff spot. Very few tires, depending upon brand, require this level of attention, a competent operator on a decent computer balancer will get the job done.

The decent computer balancer is the easy component to find, they are all over your town, now the competent operator is a different story.

Best of luck,
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