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O.K. I'm beginning to get frustrated now. I got the correct fuel distributor back on the 450 and set the system pressure to 5.6 bar again. I took all the lines off and checked for good flow to all cylinders from the distributor. All that checked out, reset the mixture to 1.5% CO and the thing won't even start. I bump the CO up to 3.5% and it runs in P at 1000 rpms with the air screw out almost all the way. If I go any leaner than 3% it dies. Next I take each injector out 1 at a time and hook them to a spare line attached to one port on the fuel injector with the fuel pump jumpered. All the injectors seem to have a good pattern when I push the air flap down more than 1/3 of the way. At light pressure( < 1/3 the way down)I get very poor fuel pattern more of a modified stream. Do I need to replace the injectors or just have them cleaned. Is it normal for poor pattern at what would be low rpm if the engine was running? At about
4-5% CO the thing will idle rough in D (~550rpm)but not die and run if you can put up with the hesitation when you first hit the gas up to 25mph, hard starts and 5-8 mpg, which I can't. Could it be something else. I've replaced the vac. advance, control pressure regulator, cold start valve checks out fine, replaced additional air valve, cleaned the throttle body. Checked all vacuum lines against diagrams and replaced them all.

thank you for any help,
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