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The US wipers work fine, the only area they don't sweep is the fog light section. True, they don't mount up directly due to a difference in the Euro wipe bolt pattern, but two bolts line up fine (the chassis bolt and one bucket bolt). For the third bolt I simply used a small piece of preperforated strap, bolted one end to the bucket using the bucket bolt, then a small bolt with two washers and nut to secure the strap to the wiper bracket. That will hold me until I can stumble upon some euro motors and wiper arms at the salvage yard.

The euro arms are much more streamlined in my opion, not as "clunky" looking as the US arms. They do provide a full sweep of the lens to include the fog section.

Actually, now that I think about it all I would really need is the euro bracket. The motor itself is mounted to the bracket by a single 17mm nut on the output shaft. Simple procedure to remove the left motor and mount to a rightside euro bracket, sweep orientation would be correct. Then do the same for the other side. OK, my search is now for the euro bracket only.
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