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trying to pull 94'SL500 DTC's. What am I doing wrong ??

Check Engine Light stays on. I Found an LED with small button near the R/Side engine compartment firewall. I tried pressing the button 3 seconds w/ign on. It then flashed 2 times and stopped.
I pressed it again and it flashed 4 times and stopped. Then I pressed it again and got 6 flashes. Pressed it again and got 8 flashes. Pressed it again and it started repeating them again. Do I have to press button 3 seconds for each DTC, or should it read through all DTC’s with a single depression? If these codes are true can somebody tell me what they are? Every time I find a list of codes on the net it doesn’t directly say it's for the SL500.
Also, if someone knows the emissions law, can I sue a used car dealership for purposely removing the Check engine light bulb?
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