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Engine cuts out, but will start right back up

1985 380SE

It happens very infrequently. Although, today it did it 3 times. It seems to only happen when I am cruising along with low RPM. The engine just looses power completely. No hesitation or stumble at all. It has never lost power under load. Moisture has been discounted, as I drove it for 3 days in the rain without incident and now a week and a half later is when the problem occurs.

My first inclination says fuel pump.

Every time it has stalled, it will crank right back up and run just fine.

I also have another intermittent problem. When I start the car up, it feels like one cylinder is not firing. It accelerates just fine, but idle is rough. Turn it off and start it back up at a later time and the problem is non existant.

I think I have gremlins, what do you think?

All remarks welcome. Thanks in advance for any help!

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