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Marc Lenssen
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Hello Guys,

Thanks a lot for all the fast reactions. For now I have just tighened them a little. I left enough room so I can feel a little play in the wheel when it is off the ground. The sound is much better now. It sounded like driving on gravel when the road was not very smooth (and not gravel ofcourse). Now on one side i do think, but this may be my overfocusing ear, a little of the wining and rythmic hum that sounds like the start of a bad bearing. I will try this for a few weeks and if the bearing doesn´t burn itself on the axle I will see if decide to exchange them. I thinking of doing the brake disks anyway and maybe the fuseekogel (which is the Dutch word so it won´t mean too much to you).

Thanks and I will be back here by the time I decide to change the bearings with loads of new questions.

Thanks and greets,

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