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Okay, I thought it may have been an m119. Your statement about cooling systems on these cars in general tend to make me wonder there are so many "overheating threads". Without the cool harness mod, my car would warm up to 110-115C in the traffic I run into in the summer (maybe worse, but I don't intend to find out the hard way). Why does the viscous fan clutch lock at a temperature when the engine is practically overheated already? I contend that the cars here were engineered for places like Siberia where cooling is not an issue . Summers here in the metro NY area are regularly up in the 90's and will go over 100C at least a few times. I think your cooling system better be in top shape to deal with that. BTW I had an 84 mitsu that only had an electric fan for cooling which I also hard wired with an override switch. That wasn't exactly rocket science back then.

Sorry for sounding contentious but there are too many stories of hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars spent replacing the water pump, fan clutch, radiator, thermostat, aux fans - all to no avail...
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