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Your car sounds exactly like one that was on eBay a month or two ago, Rick. I think you got a great deal.

Which is socket "9"? Your right, they are not numbered on the connector. But they are numbered on the male end on the controller, and you can figure it out that way.

This guy here has bumper covers for all years for $300:

As far as diagnosing the ABS goes, I know close to nothing about it. I suppose that is a bit ironic, since I worked as an engineer for Bosch on the production lines that manufacture the ABS electronic control units. I do know that there are some built-in diagnostics, but I don't know how to retrieve or interpret them.

I can write to some folks at Bosch. It is a longshot, but possibly someone there can help. Meanwhile, perhaps it would be a good idea for you to post a new thread about your ABS. Surely one of the experts will have some ideas.
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