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Originally Posted by pawoSD View Post
You can get a dipstick for them I believe from the dealer to check it. I agree it is dumb to not have a stick. Its the "hands off take it to the dealer" motto they are trying to permeate through the car.
Might be that the general population is becoming a little less inclined toward doing anything themselves anyway. Couple that with the sophistication of modern cars and the associated costs of repair. Checking or changing the oil on a brand new car is still the same process as it is with the old ones. The thing is, now you have to buy the dipstick and the computer to reset the service message.

If MB can eliminate a dipstick from every car produced think about how much money they can save cumulatively. Then simultaneously require all cars to come home for maintenance. Maximize the revenue potential. They call that 'synergy' in corporate jargon. I call it pure genius.

I know a lot of people that could actually screw an oil change up pretty badly if they did it themselves. One old man in particular I know of has a new C class he refuses to drive at all because the tire pressure monitor always goes off. The remedy is buried in the COMAND system, but he's 80 and refuses to learn how to 'work those gimmicks'. Meanwhile the car just sits there.

If people actually wanted a user-serviceable item then such items would still be for sale.
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