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Hadn't thought about that...


Thanks, I hadn't considered the massive amounts of oil and filtration involved in a semi engine. It definitely isn't the same animal as a 3 liter Benz engine, to say the least.

So, you think the synthetics are worth the price, then. I still didn't catch your point about not changing the filter every 3k. How long, with regular oil changes at (3k-?) can you let the filter go before changes?

Also, is there anyparticlar brand of filter that stands out for these cars? I ususally try to go with Napa (Wix) as they are rated very good, but it seems as though no matter who sells the filter, it's made by the same factory in India, and doesn't seem all that substantial.

What about Mann, the original equipment manufacturer of most German car filters?

Thanks in advance,


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