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1997 E420 surging idle

I'm a new MB owner. I recently purchased a 1997 E420 w/47k miles. I've moved "up" to a nice family sedan and had to give-up my 1988 Supra which just past 250k Original Owner Miles. I've really enjoyed the car for the 10+days of ownership but now seem to have a small problem.

At idle the RPM's tend to bounce 50/60 rpm. I've done a search on the list and found similar posts but mostly on older models and not the newer w210's / M119's . Is it the "same" throttle actuator / wire harness problem from the older cars or is this something peculiar to the w210's? Looks like almost everything is electronic (as compared to vacuum) .... It doesn't seem to be throwing any codes as I don not get any check-engine lights. I notice the symptoms whether I have any ACC on or off.

A couple of other observations:

- I notice that the engine temps seem to vary a bit from just under 80c in highway driving to 90c/95c in stop 'N go traffic. Thes temps are perfectly normal but is this normal behavior? My old Supra was rock-steady under all load conditions until my BHG .

I have previousely done alot of my own work on my Supra but may be resigned to having to find a good MB tech for this vehicle. What's the concensus on std consummables like oil, oil filter, air filter etc? MB or aftermarket?

Looking forward to hitting the 300k mark with this vehicle!!!

Thanks in advance!

1997 E420 - Kensington, Md.
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