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way to go! you're very welcome!

the wipers most usually are lost in the upgrade.

if you [try to] use the u.s. wipers it looks really stupid and doesn't wipe nearly enough. some people have done this.

also you will need to get "blank"/ solid-no holes filler plates. these are pieces below light assembly where present wiper arm sticks out. it doesn't look good having the holes staring at you.

tom hansen at caliber motors m.b.wholesale parts 1.800.252.6877 california.

call phil at parts shop here. get the best price.

they may have to get part number for one from 260e. they shouldn't be more than 7.00 10.00 each. they will have to be painted to match.

if you want to have [effective & authentic] wipers you can order the stuff for a '94 or'95 e320 or e420. motors, arms, blades, filler plates.
it isn't cheap.

if you sell your old lights on e-bay don't sell the wipers/motors with them. you can sell them separately.

did you get clear turn signal covers?

btw what color is the wagon?

e-mail still messed up use netscape one.

ALSO when they arrive, CAREFULLY[!!!] remove lense [slowly] and clean the INSIDE of the glass very good. they have some kind of film or "gook" on them.

*92 400e 124.034, SOLD

*92 300e 124.030, SOLD
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