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Hey Mike The first thing you should do is have someone you trust remove the lower section of the oil pan ( an easy job for any mechanic with a pulse! ) and verify that the oil pump is indeed clogged. What exactly do you mean when you say "limp mode"? Do you mean the throttle feels funny and the ASR/ABS lights come on? Is the independant mechanic's advice based solely on the unverified "sludge" diagnosis? Did the service advisor think you should sell the car because it needs so much other work that it's not worth putting serious money into at this point? Every thing about your story sounds fishy to me so far. By the way, I've been a dealership MB tech for the last 14 years so I've seen the 140's from start to finish. Try and give me some more info and we'll see if we can keep you from getting jerked around.
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