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intermittent no starting 420SEL

I have an 86 420SEL with 125K miles on it. Car has been running pretty close to perfect, but last night could not get thing to start at all.

Here's the history on the problem.

A few weeks ago, the starter would buzz (maybe whir is a better description) when I turned the key. Engine did not turn over at all. It seemed to be related to started the car after I had pumped the brake until the brake pedal would not give, though I would guess that this could have nothing to do with it. The car also ran fine once started.

This probably mysteriously went away...

Then, had problems started my car one day about a week ago. Woke up and moved my car so that someone could get out of the driveway and parked it on the curb and turned the car off. Came back 45 minutes later to go to work. Turned the key, engine was trying to turn over, but nothing. Next turn of the key... started fine. Car ran perfectly and started fine later in the day.

Then, week or two would not start. Again, car was moved out of the driveway and then I came back to it a few mintues later. I turned the key and held for several seconds and the starter would try to turn the engine over, but nothing. Tried again. Nothing. Waited a few mintues, tried again, nothing. After a few rounds of this, car started right away. Ran great-- better than ever.

Same thing yesterday morning. Moved car from driveway. Car started. Went to work. Car would not start for several minutes. Then when it did, it was fine.

Around 4pm that day, went to start car, it hesitated, but started on the first turn of the key. Rough idle for a few seconds, but then car ran fine.

6:30pm. Car would not start at all and it still sits where I left it. The engine tries to engage but it seems like its stalling out right away. Giving gas doesn't seem to help. Not sure if this makes a difference, but this time I parked on a small (very small) incline, with the car pointing up.

The day prior, it ran perfectly. Started car to move out of the driveway and it was fine. Started car a few minutes later. Fine. Started car around 4pm. Fine. Started car around 6pm. Fine. Started car around 8pm. Fine. Started car around 10pm. Fine. Started car around 2am. Fine. Started car around 6am. Fine. Car ran and started like it was brand new.

Without fail, if the car started it ran great.

Also, if anyone knows of a good shop in Boca Raton Florida, please let me know. I've heard of the one in Davie, but that's a hike and a half if you have to tow!!
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