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W210 4-Matic snow performance

My 98 E320 4-MATIC does not do well in light snow. It will tend to swap ends in slow turns. Is this normal? How well does the 4-MATIC system work in real life?

Here are the details: When making sharp slow turns the front end plows, I have to be almost stopped before it will turn. I just had an alignment, the tires are brand new. When accelorating out of the corner that back end comes around.

I think I may have a problem up front. When I go over bumps I hear a "clunk" from the front corner. Both left side shocks sound like they are bottoming out on bumps. I think that might be ice or snow build up on the shocks. Is that a common problem?

I bought this car for all season driving. I drove my FWD Mazda this morning and in deaper snow it performed much better.

Do I have a suspension or driveline problem (CV joint, bushing)? Is the 4-MATIC really effective or just hype?
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