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Red face Just purchased a 1992 300SE -- HELP!

I just purchased a '92 300SE and i have the following problems:

1. I replaced the batteries in the key remotes (the windows were down to test the feature that closes the windows by using the remote) and now the back windows are frozen fully open and will not go up. They move a tiny amount but that is the only response to the buttons on the doors or the buttons on the console. What did i do and how do i fix this?

2. The heater controls are not working properly. Unlike the other posts i see on the board i cannot get hot air at all. In fact the drivers side wont produce any warm air while i can manage to get the passenger side to produce barely warm air. Thoughts?

3. The car doesnt really seem to warm up (bought it from florida) and i suspect that this and my heater problem may be a result of a bad thermostat (stuck open). Could this be?

4. After replacing the batteries in the remotes (causing problem 1) only one of the remotes seems to work. Do these ever go bad?

5. The sunroof needs a little help to get to the flip up mode. Is this related to a common problem and is there an easy fix?

6. The headliner is sagging in the rear of the car. I puchased a can of 3M Adhesive spray -- any easy way to get access underneath? Im going to try to remove the rear interior light but can seem to figure out how to remove the rear vanity mirrors?

7. Final question -- Does MS USA maintain central records of the maintenance history? I'd like to call them and find out about the service history if it is available.

Sorry fo asking so many questions and thanks for your help -- this is a great board!

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