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Originally Posted by ChiefRider View Post
................ I can tell you with all certainty that you don't want to be over 50 and looking for work..................
I know of what you speak. Not long ago, I went through this situation of getting calls and phone interviews and once the personal interview came around, and they see how old you are, never getting a call back. There definitely is age discrimination out there. Look at it this way, in a few years you may be their boss and many interviewers are subliminally hesitant about that fact.

I finally decided that doing it on my own may be a better route to take. Working part time, sub-contract, for two different outfits and starting another business of my own may be a roller coaster but it sure beats the depression of the alternative unemployment and waiting for an answer. Take your time and add only what you can handle easily. I like finding things that I can work my own schedule because I loathe "punching a clock". Some days I work early, some late and some, not at all if I feel like going fishing. Sure money is tight at times and you'll probably have the IRS breathing down your neck (nearly every small business out there is/has dealt with them. As the commercials say "they are not your friend")

If you like wrenching, there are always folks here on the forum looking for parts for these old MB's. Do it honest and always cover your costs in the price and be sure to pay yourself, whatever you do.

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