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Mercedes special tools can be purchased by anyone who's willing to show the money. The oil filter socket is indeed needed for the 104 motor (2.8 litre) oil filter. You'll also need a long extension and a 22mm socket to slip over the top of the MB socket to turn it with. The socket is only about $6.50 and should be readily available. Believe me, I've got tons of MB special tools filling my tool chest's drawers and while some of them are relatively inexpensive, others can be horriffically expensive. For instance, I purchased the test gauge and fittings for the hydropneumatic suspensions on some cars and the total came to a whopping $1,550!! Yikes! But for the most part, hand tools (made by Hazet or Stahlwille) are affordable. I'm sure the Snap-on guy has a socket that will fit the MB filters, but he'll probably be asking 5 times as much for basically the same thing. Snap-on's the best, but boy you'd better have deeeep pockets to own their stuff! And actually I have found that I prefer Stahlwille and MAC combination wrenches to Snap-on. I do however like Snap-on sockets and ratchets the best. Hazet (the Snap-on of Germany) also makes great tools. Most of my MB special tools are made by them and I have a very nice set of double open end wrenches that have seen tons of usage and have held up incredibly well. Craftsman? Well, if you're a DIYer then that's fine, but to have them as your "tools of the trade" I highly recommend the good stuff. When I first started out as a mechanic, I funneled each and every one of my paychecks into to buying the best tools and I am certainly glad I cut back on the "wants" and focused in on the "needs". Pays off each time I turn a wrench. Just my $0.02

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