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Please help with catalytic converter!!!!!!!!!

Hello, I've been trying to revive my dead for six months 1987 190e 2.6, a tuneup later, i've been told I need a new catalytic converter assembly not a transmission like i thought, the price for the converter is between $1100 and $1970.

I was wondering if it is possible to replace the converter with a used one or is there a way to repair the converter.

Is there any other solution to fixing it, my mech told me he could have the converter cut out and replaced with a used one but I'm worried that this might lead to other problems such as emmisions failure or smoke leaking out, despite his assurances this won't happen.

Does anyone have any ideas they can give me on how to fix this.

Thanks for any advice you can give, I will be searching thru the archives also.
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