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Exclamation 98 CL500 Trunk Won't Open


Perhaps someone can throw me a lifeline.

The trunk on my 98 CL500 won't open. The battery is now dead. I am out in the boonies and not near mechanics or help. I think of myself as mechanically literate, but am stuck and need help to get free.

The puzzle pieces:
The trunk is released - showing about a half inch of upward travel.
The chrome trunk handle has extended
The remote doesn't help - as the trunk is already "released"
The trunk release button on the dash is lit indicating the lock has "released"

I have tried to push in the lock, turn the lock every direction and "play" with it, and try every combination with key in and out without getting the trunk to release or affecting any change in the situation. It sounds/feels like there is a hard stop - a catch - holding the trunk lid closed once it moves 1/2 in up; the trunk refuses to move up farther and won't reset and lock when pushed down.

Of course, the battery is now dead, meaning the trunk light must be on as well.

I pulled the rear passenger's side seat forward enough to see there is no easy access to the trunk through the rear seats.

I have the MBUSA DVDCD repair manual but can't find anything listed to diagnose the fault or get the trunk open. There doesn't seem to be anything in the owner's manual either.

I have read there is an electrical contact under the carpet on the passenger's side where I might be able to charge up the battery - but still can't access the trunk. I have scanned the owner's manual for details without success. Will head out and try pulling stuff up shortly.

Ideas? Thoughts? Recommendations are all appreciated.
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