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Pre-view of Spud

Originally Posted by ROLLGUY View Post
We can't wait to see "Spud"
It has been up in UC Santa Cruz for 2 years as it was my daughter's daily driver. She named the car 'Spud'. It was trouble free until 6 months ago when the rear brake bind a few time after about 10-20 miles driving. I changed out the caliper once and it failed. Charlie in Santa Cruz helped and replaced with another new caliper and it failed also. Eventually we determined it was the Master Cylinder and Charlie changed it for me. My daughter drove it back to San Diego and took a newer gas car up instead. Sometime it is difficult to maintain a 29 years old car when it is 500 miles away. I have been touching her up since it is here. It is a 1 owner car with everything works but relatively high mileage, 357K miles. Original paint and firm seats and no crack on dash. A/C, cruise all work, keyless entry, new radio etc. It is a nice looking car and have not given me any trouble except the brakes.

I should be driving it to the meet. I have got another 'Arctic', white SDL you have not seen yet. It is in the process of 'restoration' but I just do not have the time to get it done.

Not MBZ nor A/C trained professional but a die-hard DIY and green engineer. Use the info at your own peril. Picked up 2 Infractions because of disagreements. NOW reversed.

W124 Keyless remote, PM for details.

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