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adjustable intermittent wipers

This post also appears in "Diesel Discussion"

Has anyone monkeyed with the wiper controls on their 123 and successfully converted it to have fully adjustable intermittent wipers.

Volvo once had a special relay for certain models that would enable you to set the speed of intermittent wipers. You would turn it on, then turn off at the desired wipe interval, then back on, and the wipers would wipe at the set interval.....kind of hard to adjust a little faster or slower.

Among the many features I wish my car had (tilt steering wheel??), the adjustable intermittent wipers seems realistic. Any help out there??



1985 300D Sedan, 251,000 mi

I just dug the prevoius post out of the archives. Does anyone know if the intermittent wiper setting on the W123/W124 can be adjusted? Mine cycles about every five seconds. It would be nice to slow down the frequency of the intermittent cycle. I noticed another MB like mine at a red light with her intermittent wipers on. Set mine to swipe at the same time hers did, but mine swiped about 1.5 time for every time hers did. Thanks.

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