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Question 86 300E AC system/ 94 E320 idle problem

Just bought a rebuilt AC compressor for an 86 300E. I would like to install the compressor and AC refrigerant/oil to the system by myself. Does anyone know how much oil, and refrigerant is needed for an empty system? The system was changed to 134 from R12. With the rebuilt compressor, which has a little oil in it, is it probably PAG? If so, may I mix with ester oil as required for 134? Do I need a new dryer/receiver? Will it hurt if I take the old parts off, and place in the new parts without pulling a vacuum on the system? What will the little air do to the system? May I add the oil to the compressor by pouring it into the holes for the AC lines to make the proper amount of oil when I use the R134/oil cans that have 10 oz. of refrigerant and 2 oz. of oil pre-mixed? Do I need to by-pass any switches during charging?

Question two: I have a 94 E320 that idles @ 750 rpm when in gear, but when put in neutral or park, it goes to about 1200 rpm. My brother 96 does not do this, as it stays at 750 rpm.. What is the problem? How do I locate the parts or adjustments as needed?

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