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Andras Nagy
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Have to agree with Larry, but I'm sure that many other will post their excellent experience with the TopSider.

However, you should know that MB has designed their oil pans to have the oil drain plug at the absolute bottom of the pan, and that the pan slopes down to that plug. Look under your car and you will see.

That said, MB authorizes dealers use the drain method, but then do have lifts. But I have been draining my oil for the past 15 years, using only a cardboard sheet to protect my clothing while I am under the front part of the car. It takes about 30 seconds to get the 15mm socket onto the drain plub and drain the oil into a Haartz kitty litter pan, (which fits under the oil pan and is large enough not to spill any oil on my garage floor.)

That way, when you do change it hot/warm, like Larry says, you will get every bit of the oil and the residues out.

The reason others use the Topsider, is that they don't want to get on their backs under the car. But they spend more time pumping, than letting gravity assist them; they risk not getting all of the bad stuff on the bottom (since when the pump gets to the bottom of the oil it starts sucking air and once doing that, they won't get the last amount of oil); etc. etc.

So it all comes down to convenience, not "the best way". In this matter, there is no "best way", there is only the MB way, and the convenient way. I doubt there is one authorised MB shop that uses a TopSider. Hope this helps......Andras
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