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engine runs about 5 secs after ignition off

I have a 1985 EURO 300D with 603 Engine (Non-Turbo).

My problem is that the engine runs for a few seconds after I turn off the ignition key. I suspect it to be a vaccum leak somewhere.

Is there a way to isolate the problem by runing the engine and pulling the hoses that goes to the injection pump, tun-off the ignition key and "blowing" or "suctoin" the TWO HOSES that lead to the pump?

There are THREE HOSES that go to the directio of the pump and through the firewall to the inder dash.

1) Black - seems like a breater (from the pump area to open air)
2) Grey - from vacuum pump in front of engine to inner dash
- Y connector: Main to Vacuum pump; Left > Inner Dash and Right to side of pump (green plastic)

3) Brown - to TOP of inj. pump from inner dash

Could there be a busted part in the pump too?

Would appreciate and tips.


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