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Suginami: Don't worry, the only real idiots are those who
a) never change their mind
b) never ask questions.
Dino oil = mineral oil
The expression ''Dino oil'' come from the belief that decomposed dinosaurs are the source of crude oil.
In fact, crude oil is the result of decomposition, under extreme pressures and times of any carbon based substances (vegetal & animal). The expression ''mineral oil'' is not more exact or precise. It really should be called ''hydro-carbon'' based oils.
Synthetic oils are made from man-made polymers not found in nature. Although most synthetics oils are good quality products, they do not deliver, in extended/controled tests and in real life situation most of the benefits their followers are claiming.
Why would I pay for a $5,000 Gucci watch when a Timex will keep accurate time just the same. But I agree, a Gucci looks better and feels better.
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