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Well, I pulled one of the lenses today - still about 1/4" of rain water sloshing around behind the lens on the drivers side, so that is the one I tackled. (note the knuckle shaped damage around the main ring, which was depressed in about the thickness of the glass!)

It IS possible to remove the lens without pulling the light, with patience and care. Of course, using good lighting and being forewarned of the possible problems helps. So I set up the shop light, and using caution reached for the spring loaded 'ears' on the turn indicator. As soon as I touched it, one ear fell off! This is going to be an expensive project. Got the lens off with not much problem, and found speckles of glass, dirt, and water all over the main and fog reflectors, and onto the bulbs. Thought a while about cleaning it, then decided that while the lights probably only lose about 5% with the light scratches, I would know it was there, and it would bug hell out of me. So figuring about $150-$200 for new headlamp lenses and $100 for reflectors, I am getting up towards the cost of new Euros with good reflectors.


Now the question becomes Hella/Bosch vs. Depos, and late model clear/orange turn indicators vs. early model orange. Any thoughts?

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