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So overall you have had good experience?


Have you had any interior work done under Starmark?

No. Despite the best efforts of my kids, the interior is in almost new condition (thanks to my wife for keeping it so clean and neat). The only interior piece that broke is the cup holder. Not wanting to explain how I broke it, I bought and replaced the $40.00 part myself.

The tex-covered seats are holding up great. An audiophile would hate the sound system. For us, though, it’s great… no issues with the speakers or volume control.

The right-rear window leak: I was told Starmark wouldn't pay for it…

Am. Service Center did not want to cover mine either. I explained to my service adviser’s manager that I thought the leak undoubtedly was caused by some hidden structural issue and that, if it was not addressed immediately, I would complain loudly about his obvious disregard for the safety of a vehicle his company sold me. That did the trick. Now that I think about it, there was some sort of unusual service code on the statement of work.

I really can not thank the moderators and members of this forum enough for helping me get the most value out of my Starmark policy. Here’s a short list of what was covered:

-head gasket
-wiring harness
-spark plug wires/connectors
-MA sensor
-O2 sensor
-throttle actuator
-OVP thing
-climate control fan
-sway bar bushings all around
-back window
-speedometer cable
-a few other things I can not recall

One thing that disappointed me recently…

To remedy the trip odometer that has gotten stuck once, my service adviser wanted ten working days. He was adamant that the only way to do the job was to remove the entire instrument cluster and ship it to Germany. I asked my indie about it. He said that the next time they needed to pull the cluster to replace a bulb, he would put a dab of something on it for free. After my service adviser assured me that he would give my wife a W210 wagon free loaner for the two weeks, it was quite clear what his agenda was. I passed on having the work done.

I know what you mean about a crowd watching… My neighbor and I helped the loading staff stage the supplies we were taking home. Pulling the car into the loading zone, they started to snicker and roll their eyes. After we loaded 5 six foot by 8 foot prefabricated fence sections (onto the roof rack), six 8 foot long four by fours, and fifteen bags of posthole fill, they all wanted to shake my hand. With my buddy riding behind me, were just over the maximum weight. The ride home was uneventful.

I’m not sure what to say about your experience and concerns.

The trim piece could be nothing or it could be masking something serious. If you got a replacement piece from a scrap yard, could you install it yourself?

Does your wagon have leather or tex seats? Having to redo the seat padding on a Starmark quality W124 sounds very unusual to me. At least they took care of that for you.

I really have no clue about the sound system. I wonder how much it would cost (and if it would even fix the problem) to replace the entire sound system? I think the W124 sound system is hard to work with in general, but have you had an independent audio shop take a look?

Perhaps, as a last resort, the dealer could “make it right” on a trade.

Good luck on whatever you decide. I’m interested to know how it turns out… please keep us posted.


1988 300 SL (5 Speed)
1994 E320 Wagon
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