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The driver's seat is my #1 complaint.

The seat back rocks. Especially noticeable when the armrest is down. It seems the gears(?) are worn right in the "sweet spot" of where I like it adjusted.

If I move the seatback forward or back, no rocking. Just in the general space where I like it.

I spoke to several dealers and the Zone rep regarding this. "No, the Starmark warranty will not cover seat frame repairs."

So I get to have no rocking, but the seat is not adjusted comfortably or visa versa.

Pisses my off. Very angry about this.

Little pieces of trim, like seat belt anchor covers, seat track covers, C-pillar cover (just popped off one day ....).

Rear hatch, inside, below window: the carpeted piece on right-side popped open. Yes I know its just a little $.50 plastic clip.

Armrest cover is cracked. It seems the selling dealer had it "painted" and now that is looking weird.

When the car was delivered, the interior driver's A-pillar cover had a cut in it. No one knew anything about it. "Mystery" I was told. No, that of course would not be covered. I replaced it myself $90 for the part.

This is my sixth Mercedes ... my family also had them.

My point: the reason I bought a used Mercedes wagon instead of a new mini-van was because it was *inspected*. It had a "Starmarked Warranty". So far this car, although very pretty, other than engine and trans, does not meet my expectations.

Maybe when I have time I'll tell you about the mechanicals .....
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