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Unhappy 1992 500sel


I bought a 1992 500SEL in August, 70,000K, great condition.
Recently, I got in and had zero power. Got the battery changed, was told the alternator was OK, then, next day, same thing, absolutely NO POWER. Now the car has been in a reputable(I think) MB repair shop for nearly two weeks. They say they have replaced/fixed several things that COULD be drawing power from the battery, including a wiper blade malfunctioning on the headlamp, defroster switch, speaker switch, trunk vaccum, starter. The bill is at $1900(Extended warranty covering about half). Then they say they haven't found the problem and the car will probably do the same thing when I get it home. They recommend going to a dealer, doing another full diagnostic, then seeing IF the warranty will cover it.



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