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Electrical problem

I will try to explain this as best as possible:The electric miror on my 89 420 sel only workes in the up and down direction.I removed the glass and noticed two small motors.Both motor and mating gears are in good condition.So i removed the plug which has 5 contacts two on top which controles up and down and two on bottom of plug which controles rt. to lt. Off center is another contact which i believe is common.With a volt meter putting one leg on common and the other leg on one of the other contacts on the bottom of the plug and activating switch in one direction i get power,in the other direction no power.Moving leg to other contact and moving switch i get power in one direction and in other direction no power. I think this must be the working side of the switch. Doing the same thing on the top two contacts one contact is o.k but the other contact has power all the time [without activating the switch]. Is this normal or is there a short in the wires from the NEW switch to the mirror?
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