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Strong Gas Smell After Fill-Ip

Hey Forum...

I had something odd happen tonight. I think I have figured it out, but I would really appreciate some of your input.

I filled up the tank tonight ($ 1.21 for Super! Woo Hoo!) anyway, I drove home about a mile and a half and parked in the garage as usual.

I went out to the garage a few hours later to go to the store and , Oh My Gosh, thought I'd choke! Gas smell soooo strong! So I opened the garage door and then pushed the car out into the driveway. I opened the doors and the trunk again, very strong odor. I opened the gas door and took off the cap and WHOOSH! gas came spewing out. Too much pressure.

So I pulled the trunk back wall cover out and checked the back of the tank and the tube into the tank. Bone dry. So I pulled the back seat out and then checked the behind the seatback. Again, bone dry. (Thank goodness)

So after the fumes had dissapated alot we got in the car and drove 3 miles to the store and parked and went in. Came back out and YUK there it was again!

I check the gas cap and noticed that when I turn it clockwise it will click. But then I can turn it 1/4 of a turn past that.

My Conclusion....when I turned it past the click it sealed the tank to tight and created too much pressure...

I have put it on right and it seems to be better, but I haven't gone anywhere since, but the fumes seem to have stopped. Inside the car doesn't seem to be fine.

Q....Can the gas cap create so much pressure?

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