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Most Reliable Benz & which is our favourite model and why?

I have driven a 280SE in Africa. Tough & reliable.I have driven the 240D & 200 gas model in Europe. Slow but tough as nails. And I have driven several other types of Benz(300SEL 8 etc). While my 1986 300E with about 70,000 miles has needed some 'internal medicine' ie. engine mounts, water pump etc, it is, in my view, one of the finest driver's cars on the road, rated as the best used car bar none by a popular car mag. Some of the work was probably unnecessary or due to poor service facilities overseas. Whenever i drive a rental car, while on business, I am so happy to get behind the wheel of my 300E. And the owner of my service centre has a 90 300E and his chief mechanic a 300E!! So be loyal to your benz, brothers!!Whatever you have is probably better than most marques out there!!

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