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Dear Jeff,

Hello. Jeff, i know you didn't say that I ask "dumb" questions. That's what I said about my questions. In any case, I didnt' take it personally.. trust me.. I got a good laugh out of it too(ford escort?hehe).... I know you didn't have any intention of disrespecting others. Yup, I know you have been helpful.. Thanks for that. Yup, it's all good... I look forward to hearing from you when I have problems. Thanks...Sometimes, questions I ask are not related to my own problems.. there are a lot of car-realted stuff I want to learn. Well, jeff... take care and talk to you again. BYE>

PS> acutally, in my old posts, yeah, I stated what my ride was.. but, it was a long time ago... =)i will post it again if necessary. Thanks.~~~
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