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Angry engine clattering sounds

Thanks Neil, the fuel is Shell, Mobil or any of the other well known brands and its premium unleaded fuel. So the quality I don't think is the issue here. It is probably more a failing part like the tappets or valves or somebody said its the Cat. which costs A$1000 to replace! I've jacked the car up and the cat. looks new and recently replaced by previous owner. The muffler may have a small leak which I cannot see, but a tech said so. The noise comes around 2000rpm if this helps and goes at higher revs. I have compared with other C180s and C200s and they also clatter at this rev, but they do not make this noise when moving, only on stationary revving. Mine makes the most noise on acceleration from lights and slow crawls. Its like its complaining that its got not enough power to push the car along! Could be pinging? Or is it the pistons worn out or what? Is a total engine overhaul necessary? Don't someone out there tell me its "designed" to sound like that or they all make this sound!

Sometimes my auto operates well, sometimes it is a bugger like when its cold starting. The front suspension feels like its got no rubber. Feel the bumps a lot when road is rough. Thought the Mercs go like the Lexus cars floating on a "cloud"!!!
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