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Coil Test

83' 500SL
My wife starts it up, gets to the end of the driveway and stalls, has never started since.

There seems to be no spark from the coil. I have placed a test light on the + and - terminal of the coil (primary) and turned the key, the test light stays on while cranking. My understanding is that if the test light blinks the coil is bad. Am I testing correctly?

I understand that other possibilities are the ICU, the green lead from the ICU to the distributor, and the crank sensor.

The green lead I will test with a continuity tester.
Is there a way to test the ignition control unit? Also, where is the crank sensor and is there a way to test this also. I do have a DMM.

Had no other symptoms. We don't drive the car that often but it was running fine.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


1983' SL500 euro
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