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Originally Posted by jcyuhn View Post
I had this same failure on an '84 300D I owned a good while back. Although I was concerned about the wheel bearings, I never serviced them due to the inconvenience and specialized tools required. They lasted the remaining life of the car. IIRC, the "event" happened in 1995. I sold the car to a friend in 1999. He drove it until rust and a failed transmission took it off the road in 2004 or 2005? So the bearings lasted at least 100K miles, probably more.
Yes, too much work to replace the Grease unless there is a know issue.

If you use the Factory Method; Silde Hammer to remove the Hub it damages the Bearings.
Then near the end of it if you over tighten it and the end play is too tight you get to start over and damage the Bearings again.
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