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Thanks Jsmith. I will look at the swaybar links.
However, I tryed swevering the car that day it may the nosie and could not reproduce it. The car was put on the lift and all the various mounts & bushings looked find. The only thing done was the Ebrake was readjusted (no metal grindings was found).
The noise was acutally a tak, tak noise like the muffler was banging against something which got louder as I drove it. It seemed to start from a slow acceleration and disspeared with higher speeds. This occurred a few weeks ago and dissapeared.
It was so loud I slowly drove it to my friends shop thinking something in the drivetrain was going to blow. The noise(not as loud) appeared briefly a few days ago and went away again. I brought it to another mechanic & no problem was found. I wish whatever it is would keep making the noise & not suddenly fail and strand me on the freeway.
It could be the CV joints but they are expensive to replace just on a hunch. Thanks for the replys. I will post the problem once I pinpoint it.
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