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Electronic contact cleaner is recommended not, carb cleaner or brake cleaner. I do not know if there is any rubber components in that valve. That is what I used not, carb or brake cleaner. I never recommended that. Those things are too harsh. They will break down the rubber if, there is any in there sealing. That in turn will cause a internal leak. Also, forget the WD-40. I actually found out that does not work well. It actually made the problem worse if, you oversaturate or put too much in the idle control valve. The recommendation came from another posting specifying WD-40 but, it actually made the problem come back. I do not have a idle control valve but, a purge valve where the idle control valve should be. Don't ask me how it works but, it looks and is positioned where a idle control valve (other W124s)connects to the engine on one side and charcoal canister on the other side.
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