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had the same sort of problem on my 79' 240d. sitting at a stop sign and suddenly nutural gate , nothing , had 1 and 2... thats it! took me 45 mins. to get home in 2nd gear. to make matters worse ,I broke the shift knob off trying to find gears
The problem i found was in the shifter. it is a very simple and clever system but let something get hung in it and nothing works . in my case a penny had somehow gotton down into it and had worked it's self into the linkage who knows how long ago that happen . the shifter boot was torn when i got the car.
A $100 .00 bill will get you a rebuild kit ,a new shifter handle and linkage bushings for the whole system.{ that was from a benz dealer, you find it cheaper elsewhere} took me about 1 hour to remove the system , clean ,rebuild and reinstall.
Truely hope this might be your problem ,as i thought the worst with mine and tranny work ain't cheap!
Even if you have to drop the trans. I recomend the shifter rebuild at the same time. i was amazed at the difference it made. shifts like a new car , smooth and solid ,
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