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As for what type of wood. 300SD should have Zebrano unless it's a grey market/private import Euro Spec. Euro Spec usually have choice of wood in the car.

As for MB-Tex and Leather. MB-Tex actually feels harder and less flexable(compare to leather). It's hard to tell it on the board, but I try my best here...

Try find an obvious spot where there are enough lights. Press your thumb in(or do whatever, just bend the surface so that the leather/MB-Tex will flex), while pressing, look around the spot where you press in, if it's smooth, and smooth all the way into where you press, then it's MB-Tex. If you can see a lot of lines(looke like crack/fine scratch, but really isn't)around where you press, and lines gone when you let's leather.

I know it's confusing, it's hard to explain....hope this helps...

P.S. Leather gets crack lines easier than MB-Tex, and is more soft. MB-Tex feels as if there's a very flexable rubber/plastic layer underneath....

Andy Kuo
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