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Delay in alternator kicking in? Battery dies.

I have searched the archives, couldn't find anything.

I have a 78 240D. My battery drains every 3-4 days. There is a 3.5 milliAmp draw when the car is shut off. I assume that is the clock. When I first turn on the car, and let it idle, the voltage remains about 12.4 for 4-5 minutes. Then it climbs to 13.9-14.4 pretty quickly. Is this normal? I only have a 5 minute drive to work and maybe it is using the batttery and not charging fast enough.

Does this sound right? The alternator is a DURALAST (<1 month old). I know I should have gone with OEM, but I was suffering from a spending disability that day.

Could it be the wires inbetween the alternator and the battery? Is there a wiring set that I can just replace?


BTW, I replaced my old loop plugs with the fast glow from fast lane. The difference is AWESOME! Hotter glows, less smoke, and I started it at 15 degrees without plugging it in. Undreamt prior to the switch.
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