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As stated way too many times already throughout this post the dealyed shift during warm up is intended to spead up warm up and assist with emissions controls. Totaly normal.

I think we realize this to be "normal" for MBZ trannies -

I think what many of us here are disappointed by is that OTHER cars of similar vintage (thus subject to THE SAME emission regualations) DO NOT have this "jerky" shifting. Why should MBZ be the only ones to do this? Like I've said before my '92Q shifts as smooth as butter right from the start no matter how cold it is! Why should my '92 400e have the "cold jerk?" - They are both '92 vintage and when new 400e listed at $12,000 MORE than the Q!!!!

Honestly the transmission performance is on par with the 89 Acura (honda) Legend I once had. Which by the way was a much cheaper car!

I know we can't really do much about it, I think it's more about venting! I might try Mobil 1 transmission fluid but I doubt it will do much (yes I know it's not on the MBZ list of approved fluids, I'll take my chances!).

Or maybe I should swap for a GM transmission? If only I could!
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