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I just recently changed my radiator today in my 124. I had been away in europe for about 10 days, and to my return last night, eagerly ready to see my missed little baby, I enter the garage in exhaustion (jet lag) to the fact that there is a pool of radiator fluid covering the floor of my garage. Sitting on the step confused (pissed off), I was ready to shed tears (vulgarity). Due to my sleeplessness, I concluded that I would handle it in the morning. The next morning, I removed the upper radiator hose, and i saw that the inlet neck was cracked. I quickly retightened the upper hose, and poured in a gallon of anti-freeze. Drove 10 miles to my mechanic, when the anti-freeze poured out again. Luckily I was at my mechanics already. My mechanic changed the radiator with an aftermarket one, and told me it was of very good quality. Radiator and labor cost me $300 bucks. My question is how good are these aftermarket radiators? I know that Behr makes the OEM, but are these aftermarket ones as good as Behr? I just wanted to see a new radiator in there, and now the car actually runs alittle cooler. Does anyone have experience with aftermarket radiators? Any insight would be helpful.

Thanks in advance....

1989 300E (106K miles)
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