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Unfortunately, I can give you a longer list of where NOT to go. I've had bad experiences at the following:
Lokey M-B in Clearwater
Just German in Tampa
Mercedes Automotive in Tampa
Prestigious Motorcars in Ft. Lauderdale (Nathan!)
Precision Motorcars wanted to rebuild my entire rear suspension on the 300E for something like $1500, when the problem was solved with a $35 link I replaced myself. That's what happens with dealers - they always seem to go overboard and use the most expensive solution.

For dealer service, I've had excellent results at Crown Eurocars in St. Petersburg. They are slow, but they always provide a loaner car (even for the 300E I didn't buy there) and they don't make you wait days or weeks for an appointment.

For an independent, Euro Car Repair in Pinellas Park has been highly recommended to be, but I haven't used them myself. The contact is Ivo Kucera, phone is 727-541-7410.

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