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I agree with Bill. I think it's the ML.

I see equal amounts of these..

C-Class (202s and 203s..) ... ML
I just see soo many of them.. especially on-campus.

and equal amounts of
W124, W210 and CLKs

Here are some interesting stuff..

in Singapore (I lived there for 3 years)

There was probably one C-Class (202 back then) for 20 or so E's (W124 or W210) and probably one C-class for 10-15 S-Class (126/140/220)

I don't know if it's any different now that the 203 came out.. There is a lot of MB E-Class cabs. I guess the buyers dont wanna buy something 'worse' than the cabs.

in Jakarta, Indonesia (I am iindonesian)

most common mb is definitely definitely the W124. Then the W202 would follow, etc.

Then again it's probably different now that it's been 5 years since I was there.
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